• Paige Hill

Pushing through is great... until it doesn't work anymore.

I have worked with a lot of high achievers who attribute much of their success to 'pushing through'. They pushed through physical pain to achieve excellence, through stress to achieve results and through adversity to land that promotion, finish that degree, get over that injury or build mental toughness. So you can imagine their horror when the 'thing' that always worked for them, i.e. ignoring that little voice inside that tells you something is wrong, no longer works... but actually makes them feel depressed, anxious, or leads them to make bad choices (see infidelity, alcohol, drugs, isolating yourself, overworking).

Even Superman had kryptonite, and in all likelihood, unless you are David Goggins (and even then...) none of us are immune to what I refer to as 'the perfect storm'. Maybe your relationship is going badly, maybe you feel lonely and don't have a relationship, maybe you are unfulfilled at work, perhaps your boss is a narcissist, maybe you feel depressed about the past, anxious about the future, maybe you drink more than you should and your dog died... whatever it is, if for some reason you feel like you can't push through anymore, stop doing what is no longer working. Talk to someone. Write down how you feel. Put on your shoes, get outside, and start walking... preferably to the beach or a lake or somewhere you can see the horizon. Do something differently and get different results.

Or call Green Bear Psychology. We listen.

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