Want your child to be creative, curious and take risks? Don't do what I did.

It was rapidly approaching bedtime and the girls had finished dinner. I was in a bit of a rush. We were heading out for dinner for the first time in some time (#COVID #smallchildren #ilovestayingin #melbournewinter) and I was keen to get the bedtime routine moving. I offered the girls ice-cream and unsurprisingly, they accepted. I started stacking the dishwasher, cleaning up spilt milk, and mentally going through my to do list. “Mum! I said, can you put this in the microwave?

1 thing I hate about being a mum

Being sick is never a lot of fun. Migraines, nausea, back pain, period pain and the flu – none of that sparks joy. What wasn’t in the brochure was that after you have kids, you kind of have to tough it out and deal with these things and just carry on being a mum. I remember the first time that this became apparent to me. I had gastro and while feeding at god knows what time in the morning, I had to stop part way through, lay down a suddenly crying and probably confused baby

I love feedback (and other surprising things becoming a Mum has taught me)

I love feedback. I used to think I didn’t because when you’re a psychologist and your Director says ‘good job’, it’s pretty hard to feel like that’s valid because they don’t actually SEE your work. Then when I had my beautiful baby, I suddenly realised that actually, I had been getting feedback from multiple sources– from the gym where I was encouraged by trainers and felt increasingly fit, from my friends who I would meet out and they would say nice things about what you’d